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 You can get a free copy of  the last installable version of CimConteXtor  from this site  ( downloads)

This product is an opensource product governed by a group of  companies under the leadership ot ENTSO-E.

You can get the source code on request  under the GPL license CeCill-B  ( manuals)

CimConteXtor is an add-in to “Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect” (EA) product which exists since 2010.

It extends EA functionalities by providing a framework that allows creation and management of UML profiles "based on" existing UML models, and helps you to do these profiles according to a rigorous methodology that is explained in the Annex of CimConteXtor user manual.

CimConteXtor first target is to build profiles based on the Common Information Model (CIM), which is the standard information model defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission for the Power System domain. But, in fact, it could be used to do any profiles based on a UML model.

What is a Profile? A profile is a subset of a given UML model. Usually this UML model is a general model that is defined for a global usage (for example CIM for the Power System). For a given business context (for example exchange of network configuration), only part of the global model is needed and this part is called a “profile” (for example “CIM CPSM”, ENTSO-E Topology...).

But in order to be able to do a profile, one need to have defined rules that say how to do that. The background of the profiles rules and the tool development is the “UN/Cefact” specifications that define the rules that must be followed to derive a profile from a given model. The “UN/Cefact” rules were adapted to match IEC requirements, for example for the electricity market.

In short, CimConteXtor lets you create and manage UML models and their based-on UML profiles in the single UML environment: Enterprise Architect.

CimConteXtor is coming with companions’ add-in tools to deal with generation of specific artifacts using language like XSD or RDFS. CimSyntaxGen is one of them and generate schemas according to IEC standard like TC 57 XML NDR draft or TC 57 WG 13 IEC 61970 part 501 (RDFS).

CimConteXtor lets you :

  • Create and edit UML Profiles

CimSyntaxGen lets you generate :

  • XML Schemas and RDF Schemas
  • HTML documentation

Requirements : CimConteXtor and CimSyntaxGen are made to run with EA . It runs under  Windows 7,8,10 (32 bits) with dotnet 3.5. It does not run on Windows Vista.